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    This project is not maintained for now.

    There is serveral problems to use this component in latest Angular version and Angular CLI. (this component is developed in Angular 4.1.2). I don't have a plan to update this component for now.


    ng2-simple-autocomplete is autocomplete component for Angular. It mainly focuses on asynchronous search result from remote data. But it also supports static dataset.

    • Variable properties and event bindings.
    • 2-way binding.
    • Selection history.
    • Auto filtering of static list.
    • Custom styling.

    Working example


    npm install --save ng2-simple-autocomplete
    yarn add ng2-simple-autocomplete

    And add it to your Angular Module for use.

    import { Ng2SimpleAutocomplete } from 'ng2-simple-autocomplete';
      declarations: [
    export class AppModule {

    Usage sample

    Dynamic dataset

    import { AutoCompleteItem, AutocompleteStyle } from 'ng2-simple-autocomplete';
    class TestComponent {
      keyword: string;
      remoteData: AutoCompleteItem[] = [];
      inputStyle: AutocompleteStyle = {
        'width': '400px',
        'color': 'blue'
      onSelectItem(item: AutoCompleteItem) {
        // do something with selected item
      onChangeInput(search: string) {
        // fetch remote data from here
        // And reassign the 'remoteData' which is binded to 'searchResults' property.

    Basically, a dataset binded to the autocomplete component does not change unless it is changed from parent component. So user has to change it manually when search input changes.

    Static dataset

    import { AutoCompleteItem } from 'ng2-simple-autocomplete';
    class TestComponent {
      keyword: string;
      staticData: AutoCompleteItem[] = [];
      onSelectItem(item: AutoCompleteItem) {
        // do something with selected item

    If isStatic property is set as true, then the dataset is automatically filtered when input changes.



    interface AutoCompleteItem

    Shape of object in searchResults array.

    interface AutoCompleteItem {
      value: any;
      text: string;
      markup?: string;
      isFocus?: boolean;

    value and text are mandatory. If markup property is specified, component uses it rather than text. So user can customize a result text with HTML.

    interface AutocompleteStyle

    Shape of object for style customizing.

    interface AutocompleteStyle {
      'width'?: string;
      'color'?: string;
      'font-size'?: string;
      'border-radius'?: string;
      'border-color'?: string;
      'height'?: string;
      'line-height'?: string;
      'max-height-of-list'?: string;


    search: string

    Text of input field. Use 'banana-in-box' notation for 2-way binding.


    searchResults: AutoCompleteItem[]

    List of autocomplete item.

    style: AutocompleteStyle

    Style object for customizing input box style. Customizable CSS property is predefined and another property will be ignored. Property and default value is like below.

    @Input() style: AutocompleteStyle = {
      'width': '100%',
      'color': 'inherit',
      'font-size': 'inherit',
      'border-radius': '2px',
      'border-color': '#ddd',
      'height': '35px',
      'line-height': '35px',
      'max-height-of-list': '20em', // max-height property of list box

    classNames: string

    CSS classes for styling. Class names for this property must be declared in global area(ie. declare or import at index.html). If your classes are declared in component context, that won't work.

    onChangeInput: EventEmitter

    It emits search string and is invoked when input is changed.

    onSelect: EventEmitter

    It emits selected AutocompleteItem object and is invoked when user selects items in search results or history list.

    User can select item by mouse click or keyboard up/down and enter.

    onReset: EventEmitter

    Invoked when user click 'X' button at right side of input box. It emits nothing.

    isStatic: boolean (default: false)

    If want to bind static list for searchResults property, then set it as true. Then component will automatically filter the list when input changes.

    placeholder: string (default: search keyword)

    Same as that of input element of HTML.

    noResultText: string (default: false)

    Notificiation text visible when there is no search results with input text.

    historyId: string

    When valid history id is given, then component stores selected item to local storage of user's browser.

    It is 'selection item' history. Not 'search keyword' history. So it stores AutocompleteResult object to history. And onSelect event is invoked when user selects history item also.

    History is visible when search is empty and there is at least 1 history item.

    If same history ids are used over several component, it shares same history list.

    historyHeading: string (default: Recently selected)

    Text ahead of history list.

    If you want to remove this heading, bind null value for this property.

    maxHistory: number (default: 15)

    Maximum number of items in the history list.

    autoFocusOnFirst: boolean (default: true)

    First item is automatically highlighted after result list has displayed. So user can select it directly by pressing enter key after searching.

    resetOnDelete: boolean (default: false)

    Invoke onReset event when user deletes input keyword by pressing backspace key.

    resetOnFocusOut: boolean (default: false)

    Invoke onReset event when input element in component losts focus.


    npm i ng2-simple-autocomplete

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