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Angular 2 Forms Extra

This library extends standard Angular forms module with a few useful things:

  • Improves standard form validation UX.
  • Provides more control on form submit process.
  • Adds components for displaying validation status and errors.
  • Adds few validators.


To use it import a FormsExtraModule to your application:

import {NgModule} from "@angular/core";
import {FormsExtraModule} from "ng2-forms-extra";
    imports: [FormsExtraModule]
export class MyModule {

You'll also need to import Angular FormsModule and/or ReactiveFormsModule.

Form Validation

It is possible to indicate a field validation status based on Angular validation results. However, if doing this straightforward, the user would see validation errors even before he entered any data. This is counter-intuitive. An attempt to resolve this using only standard Angular API would lead to boilerplate.

The forms extra module resolves this issue by indicating validation errors only when user entered some data OR tried to submit a form. In order this to work the following template could be used:

import {Component} from "@angular/core";
    <form (submitReady)="update()" #submit="frexSubmit">
        <div inputStatus>
            <input [(ngModel)]="userInput" nonBlank/>
            <button type="submit" [disabled]="!submit.ready">Update</button>
export class MyComponent {
    userInput = "";
    update() {
        // Submit the data

The component above would disable an "Update" button only when there are some errors displayed on the screen. These errors won't appear until user enters something or hits "Update" button. If there are some errors, the update() method won't be invoked, the errors would be highlighted, and the "Update" button would be disabled.

Form Components


This directive is attaches to Angular form and provides a SubmitService injectable service instance. It groups all input fields inside the form. It listens for Angular (ngSubmit) event and invokes SubmitService.submit() on attempt to submit the form. A (submitReady) event will be emitted by SubmitService when all input fields will be ready.

  • Selector: form:not([ngNoForm]),ngForm,[ngForm],[formGroup]
  • Exported As: frexSubmit - an instance of SubmitService
  • Outputs:
    • (preSubmit) - emitted on attempt to submit the form, either by user or programmatically.
    • (submitReady) - emitted to submit the form. The client code should listen for this event instead of Angular's (ngSubmit) one.


This directive is attaches to Angular form control, represents it as Submittable and registers it in enclosing SubmitGroup, which can be either SubmitService (see SubmitReadyDirective above), or InputService (see InputDirective below).

  • Selector: [ngModel],[formControl],[formControlName]


This directive wraps the enclosed form control(s) (see InputControlDirective) and combines their input statuses. This can be used to indicate validation status or to display validation errors.

  • Selector: [inputStatus],[inputGroup]
  • Exported As: frexInput - an instance of InputService

Note that [inputStatus] selector also attaches an input validation indicator, while the [inputGroup] one does not.


This directive indicates a validation error with CSS class. Note that indicator would only appear when enclosed form controls are not ready to be submitted. I.e. there are validation errors, and the user entered something in these controls or tried to submit the form.

  • Selector: [inputStatus]

This directive appends a frex-invalid CSS class to the element it is attached to to indicate that the enclosed form control(s) are not ready to be submitted.

This can be used e.g. the same way as has-errors CSS class from Twitter Bootstrap.


This component displays validation errors from enclosing SubmitGroup, which is typically provided by enclosing InputDirective.

  • Selector: input-errors,[inputErrors],[inputErrorsMap]
  • Inputs: [inputErrorsMap] - a map with form control validation error keys, and strings (or string functions with error value and Submittable parameters) to display when corresponding validation error occurred.

There are some predefined error messages defined for standard validators like required, minlength, and maxlength.

The generated HTML would look like this:

<any-tag class="frex-errors">
    <ul class="frex-error-list">
        <li class="frex-error">Error message</li>
        <li class="frex-error">Another error message</li>

When there are no errors to report the HTML would look like this:

<any-tag class="frex-errors frex-no-errors"></any-tag>


The form extensions contain additional control validation directives.


This is the same as required, but it does not set the required HTML attribute. This prevents standard browser alerts from appearing when attempt to submit the form. Instead an input validation indicators could be used.

  • Selector: [nonBlank]


This directive requires the input control value to be equal to another control's value.

  • Selector: [repeatOf]

This directive could be used e.g. to implement password and confirmation controls:

<div inputStatus>
    <input type="password" name="password" [(ngModel)]="password" #pwd="ngModel"/>
<div inputStatus>
    <input type="password" name="confirmPassword" [(ngModel)]="confirmPassword" [repeatOf]="pwd"/>


npm i ng2-forms-extra

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