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This module provides the Edit on Ms Office action present in Alfresco Share to be used on ADF (Alfresco Development Framework) applications.

The module was developed during the Alfresco Global Hackathon 2017 and it was a lot of fun to do it. The idea of the "Alfresco Share ADF Components" project is to create angular reusable components holding functionalities present on Alfresco Share and often used by our clients.

Special thanks to Mario Romano for kindly and patiently responding all my questions.


Before you start using this module, make sure you have properly installed and configured Alfresco Office Services (AOS) on your Alfresco Content Services installation, documentation.

For illustrating the use of the module I'll be using a demo application generated with the ng2-alfresco-app yeoman generator.

Office client requisites

Alfresco Office Services documentation

NOTE: Alfresco server and the ADF application must be accessible by a qualified hostname from within your Office client.

Example configuration

To configure a hostname for your ADF application with webpack-dev-server, just edit package.json and add --public parameter to the start script.

 "start": "npm run server-versions && npm run webpack-dev-server -- --config config/ --progress --public --content-base app/",

Next specify the externally accessible hostname for Alfresco on app.config-dev.json

"ecmHost": "",

Make sure you can access both services from the Office client.


  • Npm

Install the ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline module into your ADF application

npm install ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline --save

Compatibility Matrix

package version ADF version
0.1.5 1.8.0
0.1.6 1.9.0

Basic usage

  1. Generate a example ADF application and install the module
$ yo ng2-alfresco-app
$ cd example-app
$ npm install
$ npm install ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline --save
  1. Add the module to your application

Edit the root module on your application to add the ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline module


    import { Ng2AlfrescoAosEditonlineModule, AOSEditOnlineService } from 'ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline';
        imports: [
  1. Extend FilesComponent HTML template

For this example we are going to use the FilesComponent that comes with the application generated with yeoman. This component showcases the use of the ng2-alfresco-documentlist component which fits perfect to test the AOS action.

NOTE: Read the ContentAction component documentation for understanding the extension point here


                title="{{'AOS.ACTION.TITLE' | translate}}"
  1. Extend FilesComponent ts file

On the FileComponent controller we need to implement the aosEditonline(event) function, the name of the method is just and example and could be any other name, it only need to match the one defined in the HTML template.


    import { AlfrescoTranslationService } from 'ng2-alfresco-core';
    import { AOSEditOnlineService } from 'ng2-alfresco-aos-editonline';
                private editOnlineServiceAOSEditOnlineService,
                private alfrescoTranslationServiceAlfrescoTranslationService) {
    ngOnInit() {
        .subscribe((messageId: string) => {
            let message: any = this.alfrescoTranslationService.get(messageId);
            this.notificationService.openSnackMessage(message.value, 3000);
    aosEditonline(event) {
  1. Start the application
$ npm start
  1. Test the action

Access your application on http:///files (after successfully logged in), navigate to a Ms document and click on the actions menu


Execute "Edit on MS Office" action upon a ms file, for example a .pptx

Detail of the action menu

Give your Alfresco credentials

Detail of the action menu

Work with Alfresco content from within your Ms Office

Detail of the action menu

Build from sources

Alternatively you can build component from sources with the following commands:

npm install
npm run build


For detailed changelog, check Releases.



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