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Activiti Diagrams Component


Before you start using this development framework, make sure you have installed all required software and done all the necessary configurations, see this page.

If you plan to use this component with projects generated by Angular CLI, you can read more in Using ADF with Angular CLI


npm install ng2-activiti-diagrams

Activiti Diagram Component

This component shows the diagram of a process.


The below component shows the diagram of a running process instance with the activities highlighted according to their state (Active/Completed/Pending).



Name Type Description
metricPercentages any The array that contains the percentage of time for each element
processInstanceId any
metricColor any The array that contains the color for each element
metricType any The string that specifies the metric type
width number
height number


Name Description
onSuccess Raised when the diagrams elements are loaded
onError Raised when an error occurs during loading

Build from sources

You can build the component from sources with the following commands:

npm install
npm run build

The build task rebuilds all the code, runs tslint, license checks and other quality check tools before performing unit testing.

NPM scripts

Command Description
npm run build Build component
npm run test Run unit tests in the console
npm run test-browser Run unit tests in the browser
npm run coverage Run unit tests and display code coverage report


Please check the demo folder for a demo project

cd demo
npm install
npm start


Apache Version 2.0