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    Set of Angular utilities used at Wizbii.


    • bower: bower install ng-toolbox
    • npm: npm install ng-toolbox
    • Direct download

    Change Log

    1.0.0 - 2016-01-25

    • Add tabs directive
    • Add focusMe directive
    • Add popup directive
    • Add dropdown directive
    • truncate now removes html tags
    • Loader: add isntLoading to check that a state isn't loading

    0.1.0 - 2015-10-18

    • Add Loader class
    • Add documentation on how to publish a new release
      • GitHub and git tags
      • npm
      • bower
      • Add a note on semver usage

    0.0.0 - 2015-10-17

    • Setup repository and workflow
    • Publish to npm and bower
    • Add truncate filter



    1. npm install

    Please make sure your code editor supports .editorconfig files.


    • npm run build - build the application from the ./src files using webpack and babel.
    • npm run test - lint javascript code using standard and then run tests from ./test/*.spec.js.
    • npm run commit - launch commit assistant to follow Angular's commit guidelines.

    Commit Guidelines

    While not required, it is recommended to follow some convention when committing stuff in this repository. To do so, just git add the files you want to commit and npm run commit.

    Note that there is a pre-commit git hook that runs the test task when calling git commit. Also, npm run commit is going to run the tests twice: once before the assistant and one more time afterwards, when actually committing. While making the process slightly longer, it'll prevent you from filling the whole assistant when tests are not passing.


    Please make sure to follow the semantic versioning convention when bumping version.

    1. Update the change log in the (add the release date, remove checkboxes)
    2. Update the version number in the package.json
    3. Use the release script like so: bash

    Note: you'll have to be part of Wizbii's organization to publish new releases to npm. Run npm adduser wizbii and then fill in the credentials ;)


    npm i ng-toolbox

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