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This is no longer maintained here.

It has been moved to angular2-cli, a Command Line Interface for developing Angular 2 apps.

Angular-2 Quick start

This repo lets you kick start your Angular app super fast.


Install Node.js.

$ git clone [app_name]
cd [app_name]
$ npm install --no-optional
$ npm start

Your are all set !! and already running your Hello Angular app :)

don't have git installed? download as zip.


Navigate to your project folder and just say npm start. Your browser starts running your app.

Go to the source and start making changes. When you save, they automatically gets compiled (with Grunt) and your browser automatically gets refreshed with new changes.

What you can code

Why these?

  • Angular 2 is popular with Typescript for its elegant features. And recomended language from Angular Team.
  • Jade: This quickstart repo is build to work with plain html files or Jade or both. I recomend the use of Jade templating in your apps as your code looks lot more cleaner and you never have to worry about improper closing of tags.
  • SASS: Again, keep your code clean and less with SASS styling instead of CSS. Do create the files with .scss extension even if you are writing plain CSS.

App Structure

All your code goes inside

  • Always keep single Component in single file and name it accordingly.
  • Do not create folder structure such as one for components, one for templates, one for CSS etc.
  • Keep the component (.ts), its template (.jade or .html), its styling (.scss) and the test files (.spec.ts) all in a single folder and name all of them same. [folder and files]
  • Keep the app origanized by creating hierarchy of folders. It is always good idea to limit this hierarchy to atmost 5 levels.
  • Please do refere John Papa's Angular 2 style-guide.

Source control

If you have cloned the repo then it leaves a .git folder in your project. Delete this folder by running

cd <path/to/project>
$ rm -rf .git

Consider taking the following steps to add you project to Git.

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Initial commit"

Create a remote repository for this project on the service of your choice and push the local repo to the remote.

$ git remote add origin <repo-address>
$ git push -u origin master


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