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Code mutations were never easier than now.

npm i --save-dev ng-morph

You also need @angular-devkit/core and @angular-devkit/schematics to be installed.

What is it?

It is a large set of tools for both global code base updates in your project and speeding up your work on Angular schematics. It has ts-morph under the hood and allows you to manipulate with safe TypeScript AST.

Why is it better than default schematics?

🦅 You can quickly write migrations for your own project and run it as a simple script

🛠 There are many tools made for working with Angular. You can easily find and manipulate TS and Ng entities.

✅ You work with an abstract tree and it can be replaced, for example, with virtual tree for testing instead of real file system. So, you can test your schematics rapidly fast.

How to start

Install the package and visit our documentation

For example, this is how ng-morph setup looks for migrating your own project:

import {setActiveProject, createProject, getImports, NgMorphTree} from 'ng-morph';

 * set all ng-morph functions to work with the all TS and JSON files
 * of the current project
 * */
setActiveProject(createProject(new NgMorphTree(), '/', ['**/*.ts', '**/*.json']));

 * This simple migration gets all imports from the project TS files and
 * replaces 'old' substring with 'new'
 * */
const imports = getImports('some/path/**.ts', {
  moduleSpecifier: '@morph-old*',

editImports(imports, importEntity => ({
  moduleSpecifier: importEntity.moduleSpecifier.replace('old', 'new'),

 * All changes are made in a virtual project.
 * You can save them when it is time
 * */

You can check it out on Stackblitz playground

Core team

Igor Katsuba
Igor Katsuba
Roman Sedov
Roman Sedov

ng-morph is a part of Taiga UI libraries family which is backed and used by a large enterprise. This means you can rely on timely support and continuous development.


🆓 Feel free to use our library in your commercial and private applications

All ng-morph packages are covered by Apache 2.0

Read more about this license here

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