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    A FileReader based Angular directive to easily preview and upload image files.

    A live demo:


    npm install --save ng-image-input-with-preview


    bower install --save ng-image-input-with-preview

    Issues with installation:

    If bower fails to load the module, try adding the following to your bower.json:

    "overrides": {
        "ng-image-input-with-preview": {
          "main": "./dist/ng-image-input-with-preview.js"

    Getting started

    Include the dependency in your module definition:

    angular.module('app', [
       // ... other dependencies

    Then you can use the directive:

    <form name="myForm">
      <input type="file" name="myImage" image-with-preview
             dimensions="height < 400 && width < 1800 && width > 2 * height"
             size="size < 2097152">
      <span class="error" ng-show="myForm.myImage.$error.image">
        Not a JPEG or a PNG!
      <span class="error" ng-show="myForm.myImage.$error.dimensions">
        Invalid dimensions! Expecting a landscape image smaller than 1800x400.
      <img ng-show="image.src" ng-src="{{image.src}}"/>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/ng-image-input-with-preview.js"></script>


    <input type="file" image-with-preview


    Name Type Description Defaults to
    ngModel (required) string Assignable angular expression to data-bind to. The data URL encoded image data will be available on the src property. If the angular expression is a string, it will be assumed to be an URL path to an image. The path will then be converted to an object with the path available on the src property and with the isPath property set to true. -
    accept string Works similarly to the HTML specification to restrict the input to certain mime types. Sets image validation error key if the user selected file does not match. NB: File extensions are currently not supported. image/jpeg,image/png
    dimensions expression If this expression is evaluated to be false (or falsy) the $error.dimensions property will be set and the image will be considered invalid. The image's dimensions are available as height and width. -
    size experssion Specifically in bytes. If this expressions is evaluated to be false (or falsy) the $error.size property will be set and the image will be considered invalud. The image's size is available as size. -

    Demo !

    Clone this repo, run npm install and then start the demo server with grunt demo and go to http://localhost:8000/demo/.


    npm i ng-image-input-with-preview

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