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Angular 2 Developers: This module is for Angular 1 only. Check out ng2-idle for the Angular 2 version.


You may wish to detect idle users and respond, for example, to log them out so their sensitive data is protected, or taunt them, or whatever. I don't care.

This module will include a variety of services and directives to help you in this task.


Authored by Mike Grabski @HackedByChinese

Licensed under MIT


  • Angular 1.2.0 or later.

What NgIdle Does

Check out the Overview in the wiki.

Getting Help / "How do I..."

I know a lot of GH projects give you the basics on the README and don't bother with a wiki. I assure you our wiki is fully operational and documents the full API. Before opening an issue asking me how to do something, please stop by the wiki first; I'll probably just end up linking you to your answer in the wiki anyways 😉.

Getting Started

Include angular-idle.js after angular.js. You can install using Bower with this command: bower install --save ng-idle.

Bare bones example:

// include the `ngIdle` module
var app = angular.module('demo', ['ngIdle']);

.controller('EventsCtrl', function($scope, Idle) {
	$ = [];

	$scope.$on('IdleStart', function() {
		// the user appears to have gone idle

	$scope.$on('IdleWarn', function(e, countdown) {
		// follows after the IdleStart event, but includes a countdown until the user is considered timed out
		// the countdown arg is the number of seconds remaining until then.
		// you can change the title or display a warning dialog from here.
		// you can let them resume their session by calling

	$scope.$on('IdleTimeout', function() {
		// the user has timed out (meaning idleDuration + timeout has passed without any activity)
		// this is where you'd log them

	$scope.$on('IdleEnd', function() {
		// the user has come back from AFK and is doing stuff. if you are warning them, you can use this to hide the dialog

	$scope.$on('Keepalive', function() {
		// do something to keep the user's session alive

.config(function(IdleProvider, KeepaliveProvider) {
	// configure Idle settings
	IdleProvider.idle(5); // in seconds
	IdleProvider.timeout(5); // in seconds
	KeepaliveProvider.interval(2); // in seconds
	// start watching when the app runs. also starts the Keepalive service by default.;

You may use Keepalive and Idle independently if you desire, but they are contained in the same script.

Migrating to 1.0.0 from 0.x

The following wiki page details the breaking changes made in 1.0.0 and how you can migrate your application from a prior version of ng-idle.


I am interested in suggestions for new features or improvements. Please get in touch.


Contributors are welcome. I use the git-flow lifecyle, so master is the stable release and development is where latest ongoing development is happening.


You will need Node/NPM and Grunt (don't forget grunt-cli). Once you checkout from git, run npm install. This will install all dev and bower dependencies so you can immediately build and test your working copy.


You can build the module by running grunt build.


Use grunt test to run unit tests once, or grunt test-server to run them continuously.

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