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    AOT/JIT compatible Angular component to embed Fiddle

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    Quick Start

    • Install this Library


    • Declare NgFiddleModule in your root module
    import { NgFiddleModule } from 'ng-fiddle'
      declarations: [
      imports: [
      providers: [],
      bootstrap: [AppComponent]
    export class AppModule { }
    • Use ng-fiddle template
    <ng-fiddle url="" tabs="result,js,html,css" skin="dark"></ng-fiddle>
    • Parameters

      • url: string

      • tabs: string (optional)

      • skin: string (optional)

    Modify this library

    # Clone the repository 
    git clone
    # Go to repository folder 
    cd ng-fiddle
    # Install all dependencies 
    yarn install
    # Build the library 
    yarn build

    Build the library

    • yarn build for building the library once (both ESM and AOT versions).
    • yarn build:watch for building the library (both ESM and AOT versions) and watch for file changes.

    You may also build UMD bundle and ESM files separately:

    • yarn build:esm - for building AOT/JIT compatible versions of files.
    • yarn build:esm:watch - the same as previous command but in watch-mode.
    • yarn build:umd - for building UMD bundle only.
    • yarn build:umd:watch - the same as previous command but in watch-mode.


    • yarn lint for performing static code analysis.
    • yarn test for running all your *.spec.ts tests once. Generated code coverage report may be found in coverage folder.
    • yarn test:watch for running all you *.spec.ts and watch for file changes.
    • yarn docs for generating documentation locally.
    • yarn gh-pages for generating documentation and uploading it to GitHub Pages.
    • yarn explorer to find out where all your code in bundle is coming from.
    • npm version patch to increase library version. More on bumping.
    • npm publish to publish your library sources on
    • yarn clean:tmp command will clean up all temporary files like docs, dist, coverage etc.
    • yarn clean:all command will clean up all temporary files along with node_modules folder.

    Built upon Angular Library Seed by trekhleb


    npm i ng-fiddle

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