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Next Js Progress Loader

Important context: Latter the Next.Js 13 update, router events has ben depreciated and still there's no 'next native resource' to manipulate router events as before. But this lib was build to solve this problem and bring a new way to make the UX/UI better!


npm install nextjs-progressloader

yarn add nextjs-progressloader

Basic Usage

Import the animation component:

import { ProgressLoader } from 'nextjs-progressloader';

Usage with app/layout.js for app folder structure

For rendering add <ProgressLoader /> to your return() inside the <body></body> tag of RootLayout():

'use client';
import { ProgressLoader } from 'nextjs-progressloader';

export default function RootLayout({ children }) {
  return (
    <html lang="en">
        <ProgressLoader />

Advanced Usage

If you would like to render some route with the Load Animation, use <ContainerLink /> component and our custom useRouter() hook to do it:

When render <ContainerLink /> you are required to pass a links prop which is responsible to create all the needed events to work.

And when using useRouter() a event will be emitted based on the function's param.

  • Important and required: To this feature work correctly, the links prop and the function's parameter must be equals.
  • You can render the component how many times you want and anywhere you want, being inside the <body></body>
  • Using the <ContainerLink /> next will identify the routes and will pre-render: verify the documentation

Once the links are defined, you can invoke the route wherever and whenever you want using the nickname or href.

Example usage

import { useRouter, ContainerLink, ContainerLinkProps } from 'nextjs-progressloader';

const links: ContainerLinkProps["links"] = [
    href: "/",
    nickname: "home",
    href: "/posts",
    nickname: "posts"
    href: "/login",

export function ComponentIWantToRender(){
  const router = useRouter()

  function validateSomeThing(){
    // your validation

      // calling by the nickname
      //calling by the route

  return (
      <ContainerLink links={links} />;

      <button className="bg-red-500" onClick={validateSomeThing}>
        Validating something


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