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Nextjs + Cordova + Framework7

Use this package if you want to configure an application running Next, Cordova, Framework 7. Real-time development mode on an emulator device, phone, browser. This package allows you to test in real time, write code together with plugins, without resorting to pre-installing the application. And only after changing /refining the plugin code - recompilation of the application will be required. Therefore, you can write code calmly, with ready-made plugins in real time on the emulator with a quick page reload in the next dev development mode. Also, this package has a full extension to use other framework packages without resorting to global changes. It's enough to remove some details that you don't need.

This package uses next-cordova-static

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npm install nextjs-cordova-framework7 -g


yarn global add nextjs-cordova-framework7


Parameter Default Description
ncfParams.port.http 9090 Development port
ncfParams.port.https 9091 Development port
ncfParams.usesCleartextTraffic true For android platform usesCleartextTraffic

Available commands

Command Description
create-ncf-app Creates an application of the current directory, ready to work
ncf dev Runs two development servers, on http and https
ncf emulate [platform] [option] Run the build for the emulator
ncf run [platform] [option] Run the build for the device


Platform Description
ios ☐ (Work is underway)


Option Description
dev Real-time development.

Steps required

Run the command that will create in the current directory all the necessary tools to work with the application:


Build an application for development

ncf emulate android

This is where the static build is launched, already a full-fledged application in development mode. This mode is needed in order to show, for example, a manufactured application to the customer, and test it all together.

Developing an application

Developing an application on port 9090 (change if necessary)

ncf emulate android dev && ncf dev

Here you will run a command to build the application in development mode, i.e. the application will look towards your computer, and thus you will be able to launch a local web server that will show the content in the application. You can quickly, conveniently, with all plugins, enjoy the development of the application.

General information

You can add all other commands directly to your package.

Commands that you can add:

  1. Cordova

  2. NextJS

  3. Use the documentation for building the application Framework7

Do not try to create an application again using the "create next-app" or "cordova create" commands, everything you need is already present in this package, and you only need to work on your application.

Everything else - You can use it as if you used cordova, nextjs, framework 7 separately


Example of working with a package:

  1. Creating an application
  1. Adding a platform
cordova platform add android
  1. We use the real-time development mode (in this case, an emulator)
ncf emulate android dev
  1. Start the development server:
ncf dev
  1. Launch the app on your phone or emulator

  2. Edit the code in real time, with all the features of the emulator/phone, as well as with all available plugins.

  3. Viewing the device chrome://inspect/#devices

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