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Because asynchronous calls suck out your brain without a proper async handler. This one is just 4 lines yet it solves a huge issue.


    npm install nextjs

How it works?

  1. Create a Next Instance: var next = new Next(2, finish)
  2. Then you call next() as many times as you specified in the count. In this example it is 2.
  3. After next was called 2 times, the finish function will be called.


    // Include 
    var Next = require('nextjs');
    // CREATE a Next Instance 
    var next = new Next(2, finish);
    // Log Start 
    // Will happen after 5 seconds passed 
    setTimeout(function(){ console.log('A'); next(); }, 5000); 
    // Will happen after 2 seconds passed 
    setTimeout(function(){ console.log('B'); next(); }, 2000); 
    // Will happen in the end after 5 seconds passed 
    function finish(){ console.log('finished'); } 
    // output result 
    // 0 second => start 
    // 2 second => B 
    // 5 second => A 
    // 5 second => finished 

Next parameters

  • count: the number of times you will have to call the next() instance. required integer
  • finish: finishing callback required function

Key features

  • It's just 4 lines - 0.16kb
  • Easy to use
  • Its part of dietjs