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Next.js + Transpile node_modules

Transpile untranspiled modules from node_modules. Makes it easy to have local libraries and keep a slick, manageable dev experience.

Compatibility table

Next.js version Plugin version
Next.js 8 2.x
Next.js 6 / 7 1.x


npm install --save next-plugin-transpile-modules


yarn add next-plugin-transpile-modules



// next.config.js
const withTM = require('next-plugin-transpile-modules');
module.exports = withTM({
  transpileModules: ['somemodule', 'and-another']

note: please declare withTM as your last plugin (the "most nested" one).

With next-typescript:

const withTypescript = require('@zeit/next-typescript');
const withTM = require('next-plugin-transpile-modules');
module.exports = withTypescript(
    transpileModules: ['somemodule', 'and-another']


What is the difference with @weco/next-plugin-transpile-modules?

  • it is maintained, @weco's seems dead
  • it supports TypeScript

I have trouble making it work with Next.js 7

Next.js 7 introduced Webpack 4 and Babel 7, which changed a couple of things, especially for TypeScript and Flow plugins.

If you have a transpilation error when loading a page, check that your .babelrc/babel.config.js is up to date and valid, you may have forgotten a preset there.

I have trouble with Yarn and hot reloading

If you add a local library (let's say with yarn add ../some-shared-module), Yarn will copy those files by default, instead of symlinking them. So your changes to the initial folder won't be copied to your Next.js node_modules directory.

You can go back to npm, or use Yarn workspaces. See an example in the official Next.js repo.

I have trouble making it work with Lerna

Lerna's purpose is to publish different packages from a monorepo, it does not help for and do not intend to help local development with local modules.

This is not coming from me, but from Lerna's maintainer.

So you are probably using it wrong, and I advice you to use npm or Yarn workspaces instead.

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