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    Next Bundle Analyzer


    Webpack Bundle Analyzer is a great tool to analyze the bundles of web applications built on top of Webpack but trying to use it to optimize a large website with many pages can be tricky because you don't know which pages the different chunks belong to.

    There is an official wrapper dedicated to Next.js, @next/bundle-analyzer, but it only allows (for now) to generate standard reports for the server and client builds of Next.

    This library generates customized Webpack Bundle Analyzer reports in order to make them easier to use for Next users.



    We recommend installing next-bundle-analyzer as dev dependency:

    npm install -D next-bundle-analyzer


    yarn add -D next-bundle-analyzer


    // next.config.js
    const shouldAnalyzeBundles = process.env.ANALYZE === true;
    let nextConfig = {
      // [...]
    if (shouldAnalyzeBundles) {
      const withNextBundleAnalyzer =
        require('next-bundle-analyzer')(/* options come there */);
      nextConfig = withNextBundleAnalyzer(nextConfig);
    module.exports = nextConfig;

    ⚠️ If next-bundle-analyzer has been installed as dev dependency, itshould be required conditionally to prevent breaking Next.js in production.


    Root options

    Option Values Default Description
    clientOnly true false true When true, generate only a report for client side build.
    enabled true false true Allows to enable/disable the plugin.
    format 'html' 'json' ['html', 'json'] 'html' The format of the report(s) to generate. It can be a single format or a list.
    html See HTML options. {} Options related to the HTML report.
    json See JSON options. {} Options related to the JSON report.
    reportDir string 'analyze' Name of the directory that will contain the reports. Relative to Webpack output path.
    reportFilename string 'bundles'

    '-client' and '-server' suffixes will be added if clientOnly is false.
    Name of the report without the extension.

    HTML options

    Option Values Default Description
    open true false true When true, report opens automatically once generated.

    JSON options

    Option Values Default Description
    filter Object with the same structure than the JSON report to filter.

    Use true as value to keep a key.
    null Filter to apply to the JSON report in order to keep only some keys.


    npm i next-bundle-analyzer

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