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TestRail reporter for Newman.


npm install newman-reporter-testrail --global


Prefix all test assertions you wish to map with the test number.

Include the letter C. You may map more than one test case to an assertion.

pm.test("C226750 C226746 Status code is 200", function () {;

Export the following environment variables.

REQUIRED Environment Variables

Name Description
TESTRAIL_DOMAIN TestRail domain. Do not include protocol.
TESTRAIL_USERNAME TestRail username / email.
TESTRAIL_PROJECTID TestRail project id.

OPTIONAL Environment Variables

Name Description
TESTRAIL_RUNID TestRail run id. Update a specific run instead of creating a new run. Can use the string "latest" to update latest run.
TESTRAIL_SUITEID TestRail suite id. Mandatory in multi-suite projects. Do not use in single-suite projects.
TESTRAIL_MILESTONEID Milestone to link test to.
TESTRAIL_VERSION Version of API tested.
TESTRAIL_TITLE Title of test run to create.
TESTRAIL_INCLUDEALL Whether to include all tests in run, regardless of whether actually run by Newman. Defaults to true.
TESTRAIL_CUSTOM_* A fixed testrail field, where * is the field key
TESTRAIL_LOGGING Output logging. Options are full, headers, none. Defaults to full. Use the none or headers option if you are getting a "Request Entity Too Large" error.
TESTRAIL_PASSED_ID The ID of a custom status to use for Passed. Defaults to 1 which is the value for the Passed status.
TESTRAIL_FAILED_ID The ID of a custom status to use for Failed. Defaults to 5 which is the value for the Failed status.
TESTRAIL_SKIPPED_ID The ID of a custom status to use for Skipped. Defaults to 4 which is the value for the Skipped status.
TESTRAIL_STEPS Project uses test steps. Test cases that share the same case id are assumed to be steps for the same test case. Defaults to false.
TESTRAIL_STEPRESULT_KEY If TESTRAIL_STEPS is set to true and your TestRail configuration changed the Step Results field to another value then you can set this env variable to the correct name. By default this is set to "step_results".
TESTRAIL_TITLE_MATCHING Attempt to fetch test cases from server and match via case name instead of id
TESTRAIL_BETA_API Set to true to add additional X-API-IDENT: BETA header. Can be needed in order to use reporter with older TestRail versions (before Feb. 21, 2021). Defaults to false.

You can use direnv to easily maintain directory-specific options.

You may also set some or all of these variables using bash exports or by declaring directly in the run command.

Run newman with the reporter option

-r testrail

Example: TESTRAIL_USERNAME=exampleuser 
newman run my-collection.postman_collection.json -r testrail,cli

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