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Neutron Atomic Design Tool

Neutron is an Atomic Design tool based in Brad Frost's concept it is inspired in Patternlab.


  • Navigation isn't iframe based. It creates a single, stand alone script and css that loads with your pattern, without any interference to your Scripts or CSS
  • Patterns markup: Handlebars.js
  • Easy to document your patterns with Markdown
  • Search your patterns quickly
  • Easy to customize Neutron features with your own CSS
  • Multiple CSS themes
  • QRCode generator
  • Loads your markup in Handlebars, HTML output and documentation under user action - not attached to the code
  • Add status to patterns. Default: in progress, done, deprecated

Getting Started

To run Neutron you just need:

Install it globally

$ npm install neutron-adt -g

Install it in your development path

$ neutron install

After successfully load your own implementation, just run:

$ neutron run -w -s

It will compile your patterns, copy your assets and automatically load a browsersync server in http://localhost:3000 and watch your changes


Check the items below to understand Neutron's functionalities and structure.

  • Write patterns - TBD
  • Document your patterns - TBD
  • Project structure - TBD
  • Keyboard shortcuts - TBD
  • Add status to a pattern - TBD

Add status to a pattern

It’s useful for team work to define the status of every particular pattern to allow/disallow usage by other team members. To add status to your pattern, simply do the following:

  1. Create a json file with the same name of your pattern. Example: atoms/text/headline.hbs should be atoms/text/headline.json

  2. You may include everything you need as data to your pattern and include the property _status. Example:

      "_status": "in-progress",
      "...": "..."
  3. The standard keywords included by default are: in-progress, done and deprecated. The tool automatically replaces the (-) by a whitespace.

  4. To customize your own keywords, just add your custom-keyword as _status in your json file and create the following css rules to add styles:

    .neutron-custom-keyword::before {
      color: /* any color */;
      /* what ever you want to do */
    #neutron-status .neutron-custom-keyword {
        background-color: /* any color */;
        /* what ever you want to do */

Command line

Neutron has a friendly command line setup.

TODO: Add more documentation.

  • neutron run: Renders your patterns, generates the navigation module and copy your assets folder.
  • neutron run -s: Renders your patterns, generates the navigation module, copy your assets folder and runs a server.
  • neutron run -w: Renders your patterns, generates the navigation module, copy your assets folder and watch your files.
  • neutron run -w -s: Do everything as documented above.
  • neutron install: Install neutron in your current path, including a dummy example.
  • neutron install -c Install neutron in your current path, without dummy contents. It's an empty run ready for development:


Neutron requires node.js.

Running the tests



Please, contribute! We'd love to have you as a contributor! Before contribue, read the blog post 10 tips for better Pull Requests to provide good Pull Requests.


  • André Dias - Support in navigation module - andrehNSFW
  • Mateus Vahl - Support in core - mateuspv
  • Vinícius Ebersol - Initial work - vebersol

See also the list of contributors and members who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - see the LICENSE file for details