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Neuropil is a synaptically dense region in the nervous system composed of mostly unmyelinated axons, dendrites and glial cell processes.

Neuropil is the cortex registry client.


var neuropil = require('neuropil')({
    username: 'foo',
    password: 'blah',
    host: '',
    port: 80


neuropil.adduser(options, callback)

  • username String

  • password String

  • email String

callback function(err, res, json)


err is the error message or Error instance caused by network problems and try-catched programming exceptions.

If we encountered !err === true, it was not always ok, logic errors, such as authentication refuse, validation errors will be responsed as json.error.

neuropil.exists(options, callback)

  • name String
  • version String
callback function(err, res, json)

neuropil.attachment(options, callback)

  • tar path the pathname of the tarball file
  • name String package name
  • filename String the name of the attachment after uploaded to the server
  • rev String couchdb rev

neuropil.publish(options, callback)

  • tar path
  • pkg Object the parsed object of package.json
  • force Boolean= if true, neuropil will override existing version. default to false

neuropil.unpublish(options, callback)

  • name String
  • version String semantic version of the module, or '*' as all versions
  • maintain_doc Boolean= if true, neuropil will maintain package document even if there's no versions in it after removing specific versions. default to false

neuropil.install(options, callback)

  • dependency_key String the key of dependencies in package.json, such as 'cortex.dependencies'
  • dir path the directory which the tarballs to be downloaded and extracted into
  • modules Array.<String> ['a@0.0.1', b@0.0.2]
callback function(err, data)

The detail structure of data, see 'lib/command/install.js'