The best project ever.


The best project ever.

Before anything taking its part, you should install node and "cortex".

Visit, download and install the proper version of nodejs.

# maybe you should use `sudo`
npm install -g cortex

First, install 'neuro-json' directly with ctx install (recommended)

ctx install neuro-json --save

or, you could update your package.json manually

dependencies: {
    'neuro-json': '<version-you-want>'

and install dependencies

ctx install

Then, use require method in your module

var neuro-json = require('neuro-json');

Finally, start cortex server

ctx server

Then cortex will care all the rest.

': constructor' means the module.exports of module 'neuro-json' is a constructor that we should use it with the new keyword

new neuro-json(options)

Means this is a static method of module.exports

// arguments description here

Mean this is a method of the instance

// arguments description here