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Netlify Plugin - Minify HTML

This plugin adds the ability to minify the HTML generated by your build.

Note: Many SSGs support this as part of their own process so this might not always be necessary.

This plugin is agnostic to the tool being used to generate the markup, and acts purely on the markup it finds in .html files in the publish folder which Netlify is preparing to deploy to its CDN following a successful build.


To include this plugin in your site deployment, use the Netlify UI or file-based installation:

UI installation

You can install this plugin in the Netlify UI from this direct in-app installation link or from the Plugins directory.

File-based installation

1. Add the plugin as a dependency

# Add the plugin as a dependency of your build
npm i -D netlify-plugin-minify-html

2. Add the plugin and its options to your netlify.toml

You can choose which deploy contexts will include the HTML minification with the targets option.

You can use the default options for the minification or use [plugins.inputs.minifierOptions] to pass options to the minifier. A full list of the available options are available from the html-minfier library

# Config for the Netlify Build Plugin: netlify-plugin-minify-html
  package = "netlify-plugin-minify-html"

  # Specify which deploy contexts we'll minify HTML in.
  # Supports any Deploy Contexts available in Netlify.
    contexts = [

  # Optionally, override the default options for the minification
    removeComments = false
    collapseInlineTagWhitespace = false

Quick try-out

You can try out this plugin by deploying a simple site which uses it.

Clicking the button below will clone a test site repo, setup a new site on Netlify and deploy the site complete with the plugin configured and operational.

Deploy to Netlify

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