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Nested Archetype

This archetype includes common tools used to build JS (not necessarily React) applications.

To start a new project using this archetype:

  1. Create a project with git and run through npm init.
  2. Run yarn add builder nested-archetype.
  3. Run yarn add -D nested-archetype-dev.
  4. Create a .babelrc file with
      "extends": "./node_modules/nested-archetype-dev/.babelrc"
  5. Create a .builderrc file with
      - nested-archetype
  6. Create a .eslintrc.js file with
    module.exports = {
      extends: './node_modules/nested-archetype-dev/.eslintrc.js',

If you haven't done this before, you will need to augment your PATH variable to be able to use the local version of builder following these instructions. If you add this to your .bash_profile

This package was built using builder.

You can override all of the commands in your local package.

Available commands

All of the commands need to be preceded by builder run. Pro tip: add an alias b for builder run command.

  • check - runs the linter and tests.
  • lint - runs the linter.
  • test - runs all of the tests concurrently. The amount of tests running at the same time defaults to the number of the cores available on your machine.
  • test:single - runs all of the tests consecutively (one by one).
  • test:watch - watches all tests.

Extending Jest configuration

You can extend Jest configuration by creating a jest.config.js file and adding a preset option.

module.exports = {
  preset: 'nested-archetype-dev',
  ...your configuration




npm i nested-archetype

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