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    Neo4j GraphQL CLI

    Deploy Neo4j backed GraphQL APIs based on your custom GraphQL schema.

    This is a very early project, under active development. Use for prototyping and demo projects only

    What does it do?

    neo4j-graphql-cli allows you to deploy a Neo4j GraphQL instance on Neo4j Sandbox. This Neo4j GraphQL instance will serve a GraphQL endpoint based on a user-defined GraphQL schema.


    1. npm install -g neo4j-graphql-cli
    2. Define your GraphQL schema using GraphQL schema syntax, myschema.graphql
    3. neo4j-graphql myschema.graphql - if you do not specify a schema a default movies schema will be used.
    4. When prompted sign into Neo4j Sandbox using the URL provided. This URL will include a token to associate your neo4j-graphql-cli session with your sandbox instance.
    5. Once your Neo4j GraphQL instance is deployed, you'll be presented with the credentials for your GraphQL instance, including a Graphiql URL.

    Schema First Development

    IDL / Schema Syntax

    Neo4j GraphQL Schema

    Neo4j GraphQL supports the basic schema syntax, with the addition of directives that expose the power of a graph database when combined with GraphQL:

    • @cypher

    @cypher directive

    The @cypher directive exposes the power of a full graph query language, Cypher, through GraphQL.

    Example movies schema

    type User {
      id: Int
      name: String!
      movies: [Movie] @relation(name: "RATED", direction: "out")
    type Movie {
      id: Int
      title: String!
      year: Int
      plot: String
      poster: String
      imdbRating: Float
      genres: [Genre] @relation(name: "IN_GENRE", direction: "out")
      actors: [Actor] @relation(name: "ACTED_IN", direction: "in")
      directors: [Director] @relation(name: "DIRECTED", direction: "in")
      similar: [Movie] @cypher(statement: "WITH {this} AS this MATCH (this)-[:IN_GENRE]->(:Genre)<-[:IN_GENRE]-(rec:Movie) WITH rec, COUNT(*) AS num ORDER BY num DESC RETURN rec LIMIT 10")
    type Genre {
      id: Int
      name: String!
      movies: [Movie] @relation(name: "IN_GENRE", direction: "in")
    type Director {
      id: Int
      name: String!
      movies: [Movie] @relation(name: "DIRECTED", direction: "out")
    type Actor {
      id: Int
      name: String!
      movies: [Movie] @relation(name: "ACTED_IN", direction: "out")


    neo4j-graphql-cli supports .graphqlconfig and will create a .graphqlconfig file that contains the path to the schema file, endpoints and authorization header. For example:

                "url": "",
                  "Authorization":"Basic ${env:NEO4J_GRAPHQL_TOKEN}"


    • deploy Neo4j GraphQL Sandbox instance
    • support user defined GraphQL schema
    • support @cypher GraphQL schema directives
    • .graphqlconfig support
    • support self-hosted Neo4j instances. NOTE: see
    • Docker support
    • support schema updates
    • client app scaffolding


    This project is in active development and user validation. Have a use case you'd like to see supported? We'd love to hear your feedback, please email



    npm i neo4j-graphql-cli

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