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A FullStack Javascript Web Framework with opinions


Developer productivity framework. Don't spend time configuring your node server. Start a new project in seconds and start writing your business logic NOW!!!!

  • RESTful API JSON ....... and XML
  • Server Side: Powered by + Express.js + Connect
  • Client Side: Angular.js + Jquery.js + Bootstrap.js
  • Web Sockets: + PubNub (optional)
  • Template Engine: Jade (considering dust.js)
  • CSS Pre Proc: Less
  • BYODB: Database agnostic - Bring Your Own DB
  • Follow MVC
npm install nemesis -g

This command creates a new application in the current directory

nemesis new <newWebApp>
cd <newWebApp>
npm install

More concise instructions to come


  • Find a better way to possibly do dependency injection