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Simple node cli todo manager.


npm coming soon

Git clone the repository then run npm install && make build Run the file locally with node bin/needto


needto [options]


	-h, --help                          output usage information
	-V, --version                       output the version number
	-l, --list                          List incomplete needto tasks
	-L, --List                          List all needto tasks, including incomplete
	-a, --add [description]             Adds a new task to needto, ie add [Wash Clothes]
	-p, --priority [low, high, urgent]  Set the priority of the added task, default low
	-d, --due [days]                    Set the number of days the added task is due in
	-c, --complete [id]                 Set a task defined by id(numeric) to completed

Coming Soon:

Needto is still in a pre-alpha form. Currently simple functions such as add tasks, completing tasks and listing tasks work. Due dates are currently saved but ignored in the output.