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A library for making nedb multi-process capable.

Basically, it'll check to see if another process has the db locked, if it does, it'll send requests to that process, through rpc, to perform change operations.

Note: Only methods that receive callbacks are supported. It does not yet support event methods .on, etc.

This idea is inspired heavily by substack's level-party npm package.


npm install --save nedb-party

Example Usage

var Datastore = require('nedb-party')
var options = {filename: __dirname + '/example.db'}
var db1 = new Datastore(options)
// in the same process or not 
var db2 = new Datastore(options)
db1.insert({hello: "World"), function(err, newDoc) {
  console.log('inserted doc:', newDoc)
db1.insert({hello: "Moon"), function(err, newDoc2) {
  console.log('inserted doc:', newDoc2)