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Transfer NeDB Data to a MongoDB collection.

Based on


git clone
cd nedb-mongodb
npm install
./index.js -d db-name -c collection-name -n nedb-file -k false

or you can install it globally

npm install -g nedb-mongodb
nedb-mongodb  -d db-name -c collection-name -n nedb-file -k false


Usage is pretty straightforward. All the information you need is one ./index.js --help away. Here is what this command tells you:

Usage: ./index.js [options]


-h, --help                      output usage information
-V, --version                   output the version number
-h --mongodb-host [host]        Host where your MongoDB is (default: localhost)
-p --mongodb-port [port]        Port on which your MongoDB server is running (default: 27017)
-d --mongodb-dbname [name]      Name of the Mongo database
-c --mongodb-collection [name]  Collection to put your data into
-n --nedb-datafile [path]       Path to the NeDB data file
-k --keep-ids [true/false]      Whether to keep ids used by NeDB or have MongoDB generate ObjectIds
                                (probably a good idea to use ObjectIds from now on!)