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A command line tool for Coffeescript and Node.js projects inspired by Rails.


Please take a look at the project pages for documentation.


Install Node.js, and then the Coffeescript compiler through npm (having a global installation of Coffeescript is a good practice if you plan to work on Neat itself):

npm install -g coffee-script

Installing Neat through npm:

npm install -g neat

Installing Neat from sources:

git clone git://
cd neat
cake install
cake deploy


Creating a new project:

neat generate project my_project

Inside a project directory

Installing the dependencies of a project:

neat install

Creating a new Neat command:

neat generate command my_command

Creating a new Neat initializer:

neat generate initializer my_init

Creating a new Neat task:

neat generate task my_task

Creating the package.json file for the project:

neat generate package.json

Project Cake Tasks

Compiling sources:

cake compile

Testing the project:

cake test

Passing the project sources through Coffeelint:

cake lint

Useful Resources

To suggest a feature, report a bug, or general discussion:

The source repository: