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Network flow in the nth-dimension!


First install like this:

npm install ndflow

Then use it as follows:

    [[0,1,2], [1,2,3]],           //Simplicial complex 
    [1, 1],                       //Capacities 
    [[0,1], [1,3], [3,2], [2,0]], //Boundary circulation 
    [1,1,1,1],                    //Boundary weights 
    [1,1])                        //Cost function 

require("ndflow")(cells, capacities, boundary_cells, boundary_weights, cost)

Solves for the flow from the boundary cells that minimizes the cost. This is the same thing as solving the linear program:

Minimize      cost(flow)
Subject to    D(flow) = boundary_cells * boundary_weights
              0 <= flow <= capacities

In the case where the cell complex is one dimensional, this is the same as solving minimum cost network flow for a given capacity. Binary searching on the scale of the capacities lets one compute a maximum/min-cost flow.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD License