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Run length encoded sparse ndarray


ndarrays with run length encoded data storage.


var ndseg = require("ndarray-segment")
var ops = require("ndarray-ops")
//Create a 100x100 segment array 
var x = ndseg([100, 100])
//Fill in a block with a constant value 
ops.assigns(x.hi(50,50).lo(30, 20), 1)


npm install ndarray-segment


var ndseg = require("ndarray-segment")

The default ndseg function supports several different conventions for usage:

Creates a sparse ndarray with the given shape initialized to 0

  • shape is the shape of the ndarray

Returns A new ndarray with the given shape

Converts the given ndarray into a sparse segment tree

  • array is an ndarray

Returns A sparse ndarray representing the same data as array

Creates an ndarray from the given data store and shape

  • data is a 1D array
  • shape is the shape of the ndarray to construct from it

Returns A sparse ndarray encoding of data


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License