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Dense matrix-vector multiplication


Dense matrix-vector multiply for ndarrays.

var mvp = require("ndarray-matrix-vector-product")
var zeros = require("zeros")
//Initialize some vectors and a matrix 
var x = zeros([16])
var M = zeros([16, 8])
var y = zeros([8])
M.set(1,2,  10.0)
y.set(2, 3)
//Multiply y by M storing result in x 
mvp(x, M, y)

Install using npm:

npm install ndarray-matrix-vector-product

Multiplies a matrix by a vector

  • out is an 1D ndarray with shape [n]
  • M is a 2D ndarray with shape [n,m]
  • v is a 1D ndarray with shape [m]

(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License