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Displays an ndarray as an image, either in the browser console or as a pop up when run from node. This works both in node.js and the browser via browserify.


var lena = require("lena")
var imshow = require("ndarray-imshow")


npm install ndarray-imshow


require("ndarray-imshow")(array[, options])

Displays an ndarray as an image. In node, this will open a window, while in the browser the image will be displayed in the debug console.

  • array is an ndarray

  • options is an object containing a set of optional arguments

    • min is the minimum bound on the intensity range for the image
    • max is the maximum bound on the intensity range for the image
    • colormap is a colormap, as defined by the colormap package
    • gray is a flag which if set converts rgb images to grayscale first


(c) 2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License