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Gaussian filter for ndarrays


An FFT based Gaussian filter for ndarrays.

var baboon = require("luminance")(require("baboon-image"))
var savePixels = require("save-pixels")
var blur = require("ndarray-gaussian-filter")
savePixels(blur(baboon, 5), "png").pipe(process.stdout)

Install using npm:

npm install ndarray-gaussian-filter

Filters an ndarray using a Gaussian filter.

  • array is an ndarray.
  • sigma is the radius of the Gaussian filter. Can be either a scalar or an array.
  • wrap is checks whether the filter is applied as a circular convolution or uses 0 boundary. Default is false. Can be set as an array to select boundary conditions independently for each axis.

Returns array

(c) 2014 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License