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An OAuth2 compliant NodeJS Coinbase API library

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Quick Overview

  • Implements all the v1 API methods
  • Every API method allows callbacks or returns promises
  • Automatically refreshes expired tokens (and fires an event)


npm install ncoinbase


Setting up the client

var Coinbase = require('ncoinbase').Coinbase,
    api = new Coinbase({
      "id": "api_id",
      "secret": "api_secret",
      "redirect_uri": "http://localhost:4000/callback",
      "scope": "balance request"

Creating and API consumer (user)

// Assuming we pulled the users credentials
// from the database and assigned them to 'user'
credentials = new Credentials(user);
consumer = api.createConsumer(credentials);

Accessing the API

req.coinbase.account_balance(function (err, resp) {
  console.log("My Account balance is: " + resp.amount );

Using Promises

  .then(function (resp) {
    console.log("Resp", resp);
  .catch(function (err) {
    console.log("Err", err);
    res.send("API Request failed: " + err.message);

Refreshing expired tokens

Expired tokens will be automatically refreshed when you attempt an API call. You can, and should, listen for this for the 'updatedCredentials' event and save the new credentials.

consumer.on('updatedCredentials', function (credentials) {
  user.credentials = credentials;;
// Let's assume the users credentials are expired
// and we need to use the refresh token.
consumer.account_balance(function (err, resp) {
  // This will still work, but before the 'account_balance'
  // request is made, the credentials will be refreshed,
  // and the 'updatedCredentials' event will be fired.
  console.log("I have " + resp.amount + " many bitcoins!!!");

Example web application

Clone the repo and 'npm install'

git clone
cd NCoinbase
npm install

node example/server.js

Authenticate with Coinbase

Now visit http://localhost:4000 to authenticate

Exercise the API

After authenticating you should see your account details on the index page. You can also try http://localhost:4000/my_balance for your account balance.

The nitty gritty

The example app show several library features


git clone
cd NCoinbase
npm install
npm test