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ncc package optimization

nccpo sits on top of the @zeit/ncc project, and adds additional optimization to the generated builds by stripping away bundled package.json dependencies and automatically pack-ing the build.

Following in the steps of zeit's philosophy of zero configuration, there is no configuration needed to run nccpo:

nccpo build ./src/index.ts -o dist [-- pack arguments]

All other commands are passed directly to the @zeit/ncc module, making nccp a full stand-in:

npx nccpo run src/index.ts


The package can be installed globally or run by npx

yarn add nccpo @zeit/ncc@^0.20.5


This module provides a simple CLI command, nccpo, that fronts the @zeit/ncc project with a bit of additional build behavior.

If combined with Yarn or npm, it can be run as:

yarn nccpo help
# or 
npx nccpo help

It can also be used as part of an npm script:

  "scripts": {
    "build": "tsc",
    "predist": "yarn test",
    "dist": "nccpo build src/index.js -o dist",
    "prepublishOnly": "yarn dist"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@camacho/nccp": "latest"
yarn format:pkg


The CLI accepts the @zeit/ncc build arguments:

yarn @camacho/nccp build src/index.ts -o dist



The repository comes with several built in tools to help maintain the package. All the scripts are run through yarn.


To create a production ready version of the application, run:

yarn dist

To create a fresh, unbundled build of the application, run:

yarn build

To go into watch mode (which is not necessary for testing):

yarn dev


Documentation helps lower the barrier of entry and get new users involved. It can also make them feel welcome to the project and more willing to contribute or ask questions.

To keep the documentation up to date, run:

yarn docs


To help remove any worries about content consistency, formatting is managed automatically with prettier, and format-package.

These formatters can be run with:

yarn format


The code linters help catch simple bugs and keep the codebase consistent. They can be run with:

yarn lint

Commit Messages

Commit messages are linted with commitlint to help with consistency and enable semantic-release in the future.

Git Hooks

A series of GitHooks have been setup and are managed through husky and lint-staged. These hooks automate dependency installation, formatting, testing, commit linting, and a host of other behavior.


These scripts can be run via yarn or npm run:

Script Description
build transpile TypeScript files in the src directory into JavaScript files in the build directory
clean clean build and dist directory
dev run ts-node-dev with src/cli/index.ts entrypoint
dist package a dist version of the repository (dogfooding)
docs update auto-generated-content blocks in Markdown files
format format repository code
format-package format package.json files using format-package
format-source format source content using prettier
gamut run the full gamut of checks - reset environment, generate docs, format and lint code, run tests, and build
lint lint the application code
prepublishOnly build the package before publishing
prerelease yarn gamut
release semantic-release
reset clean dist, build, and node_modules directories
start run the compiled application from dist directory
start-dev run the application using ncc run
type-check check source types

Note - This repo depends on husky and lint-staged to automatically format code and update documents. If these commands are not run, code changes will most likely fail.


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