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The finest NBA CLI.

Watch NBA live play-by-play, game preview, box score and player information on your console.
Best CLI tool for those who are both NBA fans and Engineers.

All data comes from APIs.


In order to use nba-go, make sure that you have Node version 6.0.0 or higher.

$ npm install -g nba-go

Or in a Docker Container:

$ docker build -t nba-go:latest .
$ docker run -it nba-go:latest

By default, the docker container will run nba-go game -t, but you can override this command at run time.
For example:

$ docker run -it nba-go:latest nba-go player Curry -i

Or download the latest version pkg binaries in releases. It can be run on Linux, macOs and Windows.
For example:

./nba-go-macos game -h


nba-go provides two main commands.

  1. game or g
  2. player or p


There are two things to do.

  1. Check schedule.
  2. Choose one game which you want to watch.

Depending on the status of the game you chose, a different result will be shown. There are three kinds of statuses that may be displayed.

Status Example Description
Pregame screen shot 2017-11-06 at 8 57 02 am It shows when the game starts.
Selecting this will show the comparison between two teams, including average points, field goal percents, average assists, etc.
Live screen shot 2017-11-06 at 8 56 50 am It shows live game clock.
Most powerful feature! Selecting this will show the live page which includes scoreboard, play-by-play and box score.
Final screen shot 2017-11-06 at 8 56 14 am Selecting this will show scoreboard, detailed box score, etc.

Check schedule

In order to show the schedule on some days, nba-go provides the command nba-go game with some options.


-d <date> or --date <date>

Enter a specific date to check the schedule on that day.

$ nba-go game -d 2017/11/02

game -d gif

-y or --yesterday

Check yesterday's schedule.

$ nba-go game -y

game -y gif

-t or --today

Check today's schedule.

$ nba-go game -t

game -t gif

-T or --tomorrow

Check tomorrow's schedule.

$ nba-go game -T

game -T gif

-n or --networks

Display on schedule home team and away team television network information.

$ nba-go game -n


Check the detailed comparison data between two teams in the game.



Best feature! Realtime updated play-by-play, scoreboard and box score. Turn on fullscreen mode for better experience.
Btw, play-by-play is scrollable!.



Check two teams' detailed scoreboard and box score.



Filter results to quickly jump to the info you care about


-f or --filter

Currently only supports filtering the results by team but more options on the way

nba-go game --filter team=Detroit


Get player's basic information, regular season data and playoffs data.

Note. Must place player's name between nba-go player and options.


-i or --info

Get player's basic information.

$ nba-go player Curry -i

player -i gif

-r or --regular

Get player's basic information.

$ nba-go player Curry -r

player -r gif

-p or --playoffs

Get player's basic information.

$ nba-go player Curry -p

player -p gif

-c or --compare

Get and compare the stats from multiple players. The better stat will be highlighted in green to make comparing easier. When listing the multiple names they must be in quotes and seperated by commas. Can be combined with the -i, -r, and -p flags.

$ nba-go player "Lebron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden" -c -i -r -p

player -c gif

Mixed them all

Get all data at the same time.

$ nba-go player Curry -i -r -p

player mixed gif


It's simple to run nba-go on your local computer.
The following is step-by-step instruction.

$ git clone
$ cd nba-go
$ yarn
$ NODE_ENV=development node bin/cli.js <command>

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