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    Provides nativescript access to Wikitude AR.

    Versioning is as follows ${wikitude-version}-${plugin-version} example : 7.2.1-1.1.0 is Wikitude Version 7.2.1, Plugin version 1.1.0.

    Screenshots coming soon!

    Prerequisites / Requirements


    before you can use this plugin you should ensure your application has permissions for Camera and Location, for an easy way to do this on both android and ios, you can make use of this plugin @spartadigital/nativescript-permissions

    Running the Demo

    WE include a very basic AR Sample in the Demo app,

    but if you want to check something a bit more advanced from wikitude examples and place them in demo/app/wikitude... Then update the URL Reference in either the items.component.ts for Nativescript-angular or the main-view-model.ts in Regular Nativescript.

    and then go and grab a Trial License from Wikitude's Website and place it in demo/app/main-view-model.ts on line 13


    to install for your project you can use :

    tns plugin add nativescript-wikitude

    for Nativescript Angular Projects you will need to import the Element in your app.component.ts

        import { Wikitude } from 'nativescript-wikitude';
        // ...snip....
        registerElement('Wikitude', () => Wikitude);

    and then in your ar.component.html :

        <Wikitude [url]="WikitudeURL" 

    and in your ar.component.ts:

        import { Wikitude } from 'nativescript-wikitude';
        // ...snip...
        WikitudeInstance: Wikitude;
        WikitudeURL: string = "~/wikitude_world/index.html";
        onWorldLoaded($event) {
            this.WikitudeInstance = $event.owner; // or you can use Angular's ViewChild
        onJSON($event) {
        // ...snip...

    and somewhere in your application you will need to define the wikitude license, you can get one from wikitude (free trial license)

        (global as any).wikitudeLicense: string = "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_HERE"

    And Voila! you have Wikitude AR working in your Nativescript Application!


    using your own location provider

    by default this plugin has a basic Location Provider, if this does not suit your purpose, you can disable it once it is fully loaded, with the following code :

        onWorldLoaded($event) {
            this.WikitudeInstance = $event.owner; // or you can use Angular's ViewChild

    Once Disabled, Geo-location based AR will not work unless you provide your own location, this can be achieved with the following

        this.WikitudeInstance.setLocation({ latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy });

    this is useful if you want a single location state.

    once you have disabled it you can re-enable it with the following :



    • Plugins API Exposure, not sure how to go about this, Wikitude allows Plugins, built in CPP to be used, and linked using their Plugin's API (an Example of a plugin would be face recognition). I'm unsure how to go about allowing users to do this. any advice would be appreciated...
    • Detecting if Device needs Calibration: Currently being held back by Android causing a crash when i try to listen to this event.
    • Camera Events: Could be useful for the Developer to check for the Camera Open, Closed, and any Crashes.
    • a better way to set the Wikitude LicenseKey and Required Features.



    Property Default value Description
    url "" the URL of the Wikitude "ARWorld"
    features Features.ImageTracking | Features.InstantTracking | ObjectTracking | GeoTracking The Required Features you need, this is experimental and may not work


    Function Arguments Description
    setLocation() { latitude: number, longitude: number, altitude: number, accuracy: number } sets the location in the ARWorld
    hasFeature() feature : number checks if your device can support said features (or if your license supports it)
    loadUrl() url: string loads the URL in the Wikitude WebView
    reload() reloads the current Wikitude WebView
    clearCache() clears the wikitude Cache
    toggleFlash() Toggles the Devices Flash-light
    switchCamera() switches the Camera that wikitude uses
    captureScreen() captureWebViewContent: boolean captures the current view, can also capture the webview content
    disableLocationProvider() disables the location Provider (you will need to provide your own for GEO/POI's to work)
    enableLocationProvider() enables the location Provider


    Event Description Type
    WorldLoadSuccess Fires when the ARWorld Loads Successfully WorldLoadSuccessEventData
    WorldLoadFail Fires if an Error Occurs while loading the AR World WorldLoadFailedEventData
    JSONReceived Fires when the ARWorld sends a JSON Object JSONReceivedEventData
    ScreenCaptureSuccess fires when the screen is captured ScreenCaptureSuccessEventData
    ScreenCaptureFail fires when wikitude fails to capture the screen ScreenCaptureFailedEventData

    all can be imported from the index.d.ts.


    Wikitude is (c) Wikitude GmbH Before using see their End-User License Agreement

    Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004


    npm i nativescript-wikitude

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