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NativeScript TypeScript

nativescript-dev-typescript is deprecated in favour of bundle workflow, which will be introduced with CLI v6.0. More info about the upcoming new approach can be found here.

A package providing TypeScript support for NativeScript.

NativeScript is a framework which enables developers to write truly native mobile applications for Android and iOS using JavaScript and CSS. Angular is one of the most popular open source JavaScript frameworks for application development. We worked closely with developers at Google to make Angular in NativeScript a reality. The result is a software architecture that allows you to build mobile apps using the same framework—and in some cases the same code—that you use to build Angular web apps, with the performance you’d expect from native code. Read more about building truly native mobile apps with NativeScript and Angular.

How to use in NativeScript projects

$ npm install -D nativescript-dev-typescript

The above command adds nativescript-dev-typescript package as dev dependency and installs the necessary hooks. TypeScript compilation happens when the project is prepared for build. A file named tsconfig.json that specifies compilation options will be created in the project folder and should be committed to source control. Read more about tsconfig.json options.

How it works

When the plugin installed what it will do out of the box is to add

  • tsconfig.json file to the project (if it doesn't exist),
  • typescript as dev dependency
  • before-prepare hook which takes care to transpile all files before preparing your project
  • before-watch hook to start the typescript watcher and transpile on every typescript change during project livesync
  • after-watch hook to stop the typescript watcher after the livesync is stopped

How to use in NativeScript plugins

This package is not meant to be used in plugins. It's applicable for NativeScript projects only.


We love PRs! Check out the contributing guidelines. If you want to contribute, but you are not sure where to start - look for issues labeled help wanted.

Get Help

Please, use github issues strictly for reporting bugs or requesting features. For general questions and support, check out the NativeScript community forum or ask our experts in NativeScript community Slack channel.




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