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This is an n8n community node. It lets you use AmoCRM your n8n workflows.

AmoCRM allows you to save the history of interaction with customers, as well as automate sales department processes.

n8n is a fair-code licensed workflow automation platform.

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Follow the installation guide in the n8n community nodes documentation.

  1. Go to Settings > Community Nodes.
  2. Select Install.
  3. Enter n8n-nodes-amocrm in Enter npm package name.
  4. Agree to the risks of using community nodes: select I understand the risks of installing unverified code from a public source.
  5. Select Install.

After installing the node, you can use it like any other node. n8n displays the node in search results in the Nodes panel.


It supports these operations:

  • Get account information
  • Add modify and retrieve companies
  • Add modify and retrieve contacts
  • Add change and get deals
  • Add modify and retrieve tasks
  • Add modify and retrieve notes
  • Add modify and retrieve catalogs
  • Add modify and retrieve catalog elements


Create an AmoCRM account here. For 14 days free of charge.

  • Go to n8n and create a new credential amoCRM. Copy OAuth Redirect URL.
  • Go to your amoCRM account and create a new widget in the Market section type of external integration https://your-domain.amocrm.ru/amo-market/
  • Paste the previously copied OAuth Redirect URL into the "Redirect Link" field.
  • Provide the accesses required for integration (these may vary depending on your scenario for using this node)
  • Enter an arbitrary name and description of the integration. The integration name may appear in the amoCRM event log if the created_by and updated_by parameters are not filled in. Description cannot be shorter than 5 characters
  • Press to Save button
  • Update your page and find your integration in installed section. Press on it.
  • In the settings of the created integration, go to the Keys and Accesses section. Copy Integration ID and Secret key
  • Go to n8n and paste the Integration ID and Secret key you received.
  • Fill Account Subdomain and click on connect my account. Window will open.
  • Select the account to connect to and click the Allow button
  • If everything was successful, you will see a green message indicating successful connection in n8n


Tested against n8n version 1.20.0+


In your Workflow, find the amoCRM node and use as you need. I accept comments and suggestions in Issues repository on github or in telegram @yatolstoy



This code is developed by an enthusiastic developer on his own initiative. By donations you will force me to develop and improve this node. Thank you!

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