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nget demo

This cast is a little dated. nget not at loud as before.

Goal to create a node flavored Wget. Repo version features improved support for:

  • Files with query strings
  • Mutiple async pipe requests

NPM version build status dev dependancy

How To Install

$npm install n-get -g 

Or from the repo if you are a dev or want to test latest features:

$git clone
$cd ./n-get 
$npm . install -g

How To Use Basic Mode

Download a single file

$nget [protocal]filePath

Or download to a specific location:

$nget [protocal]filePath -d [WritePath]

Even more that one request at a time:

$nget [protocal]filePath [protocal]filePath2 [protocal]filePath3 ... -d [WritePath]
  • If no protocal is used in the file path http will be used by default
  • If no writePath is provided current location will be used by default

Pull requests welcome. Use at your own risk.

Licence: MIT

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