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Add's content based on specified template

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Getting started

npm install n-add-content --save

Inject module dependency

angular.module('app', ['nAddContent']);


The component comes with several directives: n-add-content-create, n-add-content-reset, n-add-content-remove and n-add-content-container

Specify the container which the content should be added to

<div n-add-content-container></div>

Add control to add the content ex. button

<button type="button" class="button" n-add-content-create template="template.html">+ Add</button>

To reset the container content

<button type="button" class="button" n-add-content-reset>Clear all</button>

To remove a specific item, following can be used inside the items template

<button type="button" class="button" n-add-content-remove uuid="{{nAddContentItem.uuid}}">Remove</button>



This will install all you need to get started. Besides the dependencies in package.json, it will automatically install jspm for you globally and install jspm dependencies too.

npm install

What does this include

  • Semantic-relase
  • Travis CI
  • Typescript
  • Commitizen
  • ng-annotate (adds and removes AngularJS dependency injection annotations)
  • Inline Angular templates
  • validate-commit-msg
  • Karma / Jasmine testing environment
  • Lite-server (live-reload)
  • SCSS environment with autoprefixer
  • SystemJS (SFX)
  • Gulp
  • Source maps


Lite-server is configured to serve, index.html placed in the root of your component with live-reload for specified environment.

Serve dev-environment

To serve up the un-minified code run following command. This command starts up lite-server and gulp watch task which gives you live-reload when ./dist/component.css, ./dist/component.js or ./index.html is changed:

npm run serve:dev

Serve production-environment

To serve minified & bundled code run the following command. This command starts up lite-server and gulp watch task which gives you live-reload when ./dist/component.css, ./dist/component.min.js or ./index.html is changed.

npm run serve:build

SystemJS (SFX)

SystemJS is configured to build a self-executing bundle. Consumers of your components are therefore NOT required to use SystenJS. Read more

Commitizen (optional)

To use commitizen use following command. Commitizen is optional and if you don't wanna use commitizen you can just commit as you're used to. You will just need to follow the AngularJS commit message guidelines. You can read more about commitizen here

npm run commit


Validates commit messages on each commit according to the AngularJS commit message guidelines


To build your component run following command. This command will minify your css, compile (es2015), ensures to annotate your angular dependencies, inline all your templates, bundle and minify your javascript.

gulp build


Single run

npm run test


npm run karma


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