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Same as mz, but wrap modules in the world rather than core API.

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Node require >= 4.0.0


Install it

$ npm i mz-modules

Require it

const mkdirp = require('mz-modules/mkdirp');

You can also require it from the main entry, but it will load other modules in mz-modules.

const mkdirp = require('mz-modules').mkdirp;

Use it

// Using promise
mkdirp('/path/to/dir').then(() => console.log('done'));
// Or if you are using async function
async function doSomething() {
  await mkdirp('/path/to/dir');

Warning: nextTick and setImmediate is little slower than callback, because promise queue is after nextTick.


  • mz-modules/mkdirp wrapped mkdirp
  • mz-modules/rimraf wrapped rimraf
  • mz-modules/glob wrapped glob
  • mz-modules/sleep wrapped ko-sleep
  • mz-modules/nextTick wrapped process.nextTick
  • mz-modules/setImmediate wrapped setImmediate


You can request adding module to mz-modules

  1. Create a issue let us know why you want to add the module.
  2. Add a module, named xx
  • create xx.js that exports a function should return promise.
  • require xx.js in index.js
  • add a testcase for it in test/xx.test.js
  • add xx.js to files in package.json
  1. Create a pull request