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The mysql-store is an NodeJS implementation of the object store interface for MySQL, providing access to MySQL databases for Persevere, any other consumer that uses the object store interface (Dojo also uses this interface), and for direct interaction. This store supports RQL for convenient web-based querying.


mysql-store can be installed with NPM via:

npm install mysql-store

If you are using this with Persevere, please see the Persevere documentation.


You can create new SQL store:

store = require("mysql-store").SQLStore({
	table: table,
	idColumn: idColumn


mysql-store is part of the Persevere project, and therefore is licensed under the AFL or BSD license. The Persevere project is administered under the Dojo foundation, and all contributions require a Dojo CLA.

Project Links

See the main Persevere project for more information: