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Simple connection pooling for Node and MySQL.


$ npm install mysql-simple-pool


* Connection pooling for [mysql]( by felixge.
* Dispose is possible to remove all connections.
* Simple wrapper. Functionality has not been touched at all.


The connection pool only provides connection management. Queries are executed on the first available managed connection. For all the specifications, read the excellent documentation written by felixge.

Instantiating a connection pool

A connection pool has to be instantiated. You can provide maximumNumberOfConnections and options. Options are forwarded when a managed connection is established.

// Include the module.
var Pool = require('mysql-simple-pool');
// Instantiate the pool. Use a maximum of 100 connections.
var pool = new Pool(100, {
	host: 'localhost',
	user: 'root',
	password: 'root',
	database: 'test'

Performing queries

Queries are queued and executed on the first available connection.

pool.query('select * from posts', function(err, results) {

Claiming a managed connection

A connection can be claimed, at which point is is no longer managed.

pool.claim(function(err, conn) {
	// I can do sequential queries here. This may be required when
	// you wish to do a transaction, since the queries have to be 
	// sequential.

End the connection to place it back into the connection pool.

Disposing the connection pool

A node application will not close with open connections.


Dispose ensures all pending queries finish, after which all connections are cleared.