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Database migrations for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server database using plain SQL files. The end goal is to have migration scripts that can be run by a DBA.


npm install -g mygrate


For a project without migrations, mygrate creates a migrations directory and migrations/config.js example which MUST BE edited for your database. Run one of the following commands

mygrate init postgresql             # Postgresql
mygrate init mssql                  # Sql Server
mygrate init mysql                  # MySQL

Next step is to create the database in the config if it does not already exist. Mygrate will prompt for root user and password. Run one of the following

mygrate createdb                    # creates development database
NODE_ENV=test mygrate createdb      # creates test database

To create a set of migration scripts, run the following command changing add-tables to describe your migration

mygrate new add-tables

That command creates migration/TIMESTAMP-add-tables/{down,up}.sql. Edit up.sql which is run by mygrate up command. Edit down.sql which is run by mygrate down command.

To run migrations, do any of the following

mygrate up                           # migrate all scripts
mygrate down                         # down 1 migration
mygrate down 2                       # down 2 migrations
mygrate down all                     # down all migrations
mygrate down TIMESTAMP-some-script   # down to migration before this one
mygrate last                         # down (if needed) then up last dir

To view migrations applied to the database


To target specific environments, development is default

NODE_ENV=test mygrate up


make compile