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Forked From kashifeqbal/node-excel-to-json Fork reason:

  • Deleted unuseful code.
  • Use absolute file path.

Turn any xls or xlsx file into a clean JSON file or Javascript Object. This module is npm module 'XLXS' Pure-JS cleanroom implementation from official specifications and related documents.

Supported read formats:

  • Excel 2007+ XML Formats (XLSX/XLSM)
  • Excel 2007+ Binary Format (XLSB)
  • Excel 2003-2004 XML Format (XML "SpreadsheetML")
  • Excel 97-2004 (XLS BIFF8)
  • Excel 5.0/95 (XLS BIFF5)
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS)


$ npm install my-xls-to-json


excel2Json(fileName, [options], callback)


  • fileName relative path of Excel file.
  • options is a optional args { convert_all_sheet: true, return_type: 'File', sheetName: '' }
    • convert_all_sheet If this value is false, Then one sheet will processed which name would be provided
    • return_type Two type of return type 'File' or 'Object'
    • sheetName Only if convert_all_sheet=false
  • callback is the callback to run - callback(error, output)


var excel2Json = require('my-xls-to-json');
var path = require('path');
var dir = __dirname;
excel2Json(path.join(dir,'sample.xls'), function(err, output) {
    // output is the JSON Object. 
<!-- Options -->
excel2Json('/tpm/upload_eaf9af7d6ae2b6e887325aa5e8978c94.xlsx', {
    'convert_all_sheet': false,
    'return_type': 'File',
    'sheetName': 'survey'
}, function(err, output) {