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EditorJS Tooltip Inline-tool

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Tooltip for Editor.js.


  • Adds a tooltip as an inline-tool in Editor.js.
  • Custom styles to the selected text.
  • Custom tooltip location.
  • Custom styles to the tooltips.


Install via NPM

Get the package

$ npm i --save-dev editorjs-tooltip

Include module at your application

import Tooltip from 'editorjs-tooltip';

Load from CDN

You can load a specific version of the package from jsDelivr CDN.

Require this script on a page with Editor.js.

<script src=""></script>


Add a new Tool to the tools property of the Editor.js initial config.

const editor = EditorJS({
  tools: {
    tooltip: {
      class: Tooltip,
      config: {
        location: 'left',
        highlightColor: '#FFEFD5',
        underline: true,
        backgroundColor: '#154360',
        textColor: '#FDFEFE',
        holder: 'editorId',

Select some text, click on the tooltip button in the inline-tools bar, and type the tooltip in the input, when the key enter is pressed, the tooltip will be created.

Note: Use the holder field to indicate the EditorJS Id passed in the div tag, by default the holder field is 'editorjs'.

Config Params

Field Type Description
location {location: string} You could choose the tooltip place(top, bottom, left, right). Default value is bottom
highlightColor { highlightColor: Hex or string } You could choose the background text color wrapped by the tooltip, you could pass hexadecimal colors or string colors
underline { underline: boolean } You could add underline text decoration to the text wrapped by the tooltip
backgroundColor { backgroundColor: string } You could choose the tooltip color, you could pass hexadecimal colors or string colors
textColor { textColor: string } You could choose the tooltip text color, you could pass hexadecimal colors or string colors
holder { holder: string } If your EditorJS Id passed in the Editor tag is different from 'editorjs', use the holder field.

Output data

Selected text will be wrapped in a span tag with a cdx-tooltip class and with a data-tooltip, it contains the tooltip text.

    "type" : "text",
    "data" : {
        "text" : "It is a text to the <span class=\"cdx-tooltip\" data-tooltip =\"tooltip\" >tooltip</span> inline-tool."


Development mode

$ yarn build:dev

Production release

  1. Create a production bundle
$ yarn build
  1. Commit dist/bundle.js

Run Linter The linter tool will help you by analyzing source code and fix common errors, or by following the style conventions defined.

$ yarn lint .

Run tests

$ yarn test

Code of conduct

We welcome everyone to contribute. Make sure you have read the CODE_OF_CONDUCT before.


For information on how to contribute, please refer to our CONTRIBUTING guide.


Features and bug fixes are listed in the CHANGELOG file.


This library is licensed under an MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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