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A tool to scaffold your MVC project based on a simple JSON config.


exports.config = {
  // filename extensions - acceptable formats: js, hbs, html, coffee 
extension: {
controllers: 'js',
models: 'js',
views: 'hbs'
// define the names of folders for each component 
models: 'models',
controllers: 'controllers',
views: 'views',
partials: 'partials',
// whether or not we use the standard convention of pluralizing models into collections (e.g. User -> Users) 
pluralize_collections: true,
// the appended word for semantic consistency 
controller_prefix: 'Controller',
// file names 
files: {
models: ['dog', 'animal'],
views: ['dog', 'pups', 'about'],
controllers: ['dog', 'animal', 'pups']

Usage: Just add your config file in the same directory, tweak to your liking, and run: node generator.js