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This is light weight mvc wrapper for express on node.js inspired by Zend Framework on php.

This framework reload modules, controllers and models automatically when they are changed without restart.


npm install mvc

samples of application structure:

without modules (


with modules (


You can use helpers in your controllers:

this._app - link to express.createServer()
this._request - link to express request
this._response - link to express response
this._params - link to request.params
this._param - link to request.param
this._query - link to request.query
this._cookies - link to request.cookies
this._partial - link to response.partial
this._redirect - link to response.redirect
this._local - link to response._local
this._locals - link to response._locals
this._queryParam(name, defaultValue) - method for request.query like request.param
this._url(params) - method for generate url from object (example: this._url({controller:"message", action:"edit", id: 5}) => '/message/edit?id=5')