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This is a build of MuPDF for JavaScript and TypeScript, using the speed and performance of WebAssembly.

The MuPDF.js library can be used both in browsers and in Node.js.


  • Render PDF pages to images
  • Search PDF file text contents
  • Create and edit PDF annotations
  • Access and fill out PDF forms
  • Edit PDF documents
  • Supports basic CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fonts


From the command line, go to the folder you want to work from and run:

npm install mupdf

The mupdf module is only available as an ESM module. Either use the .mjs file extension or change the project type:

npm pkg set type=module


The following example script demonstrates how to load a document and then print out the page count.

Create a file count-pages.mjs:

import * as process from "node:process"
import * as fs from "node:fs"
import * as mupdf from "mupdf"

if (process.argv.length < 3) {
    console.error("usage: node count-pages.mjs file.pdf");

const filename = process.argv[2];
const doc = mupdf.Document.openDocument(fs.readFileSync(filename), "application/pdf");
const count = doc.countPages();

console.log(`${filename} has ${count} pages.`);

Run the script:

node count-pages.mjs file.pdf

Using Typescript

To use TypeScript you need to create a tsconfig.json project file to tell the compiler and Visual Studio Code to use the "nodenext" module resolution:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "module": "nodenext"

License and Copyright

MuPDF.js is available under Open Source AGPL and commercial license agreements. If you determine you cannot meet the requirements of the AGPL, please contact Artifex for more information regarding a commercial license.


For documentation please refer to

Code Examples

Check out the example projects to help you get started. The examples include a simple PDF Viewer that runs mupdf in the browser, several command line scripts, and more!

Getting Started with Local Development

You can build the MuPDF.js library from source by referring to


To contribute please open up (or help answer!) an Issue on our Github board and create a Pull Request (PR) for review. Find us on Discord at #mupdf-js to chat with us directly.

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