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Plugin for Meteor Up to setup and run Redis. Redis is run with --appendonly yes for persistance.


Install with npm i -g mup-redis. Then, add to the plugins array in your mup config, and add a redis object.

module.exports = {
  // rest of config
  plugins: ['mup-redis'],
  redis: {
    // Server to run redis on.
    servers: { one: {} },
    // Version of redis. Add '-alpine' to use a much smaller docker image
    version: '3.2.10-alpine'

Next, run

mup setup
mup reconfig

Redis adds the environment variable REDIS_URL to the app. You cannot access redis from outside the server.


  • mup redis setup
  • mup redis start
  • mup redis stop
  • mup redis logs View redis logs. Supports the same arguments as mup logs, including --tail and --follow.